The World's First Cyberthreat Prevention Network

Confer is a cyberthreat prevention network. We protect your servers, laptops and mobile devices from advanced persistent threats (APTs) by watching for tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) that attackers use ― collecting and analyzing large volumes of TTPs in a secure cloud.

Confer is built on an open, threat-sharing platform. Unlike "black box" security products, Confer users share information about advanced persistent attacks and get help from partners or the broader Confer community. Because Confer automatically collects TTPs, companies can share cyberthreat intelligence in a simple, efficient and automated way, without requiring dedicated security analysts to manually enter data.

Confer Cyberthreat Prevention Network video

Always On...Confer protects your employees all the time—both inside and outside of your network perimeter, at work, home or on the road.


  • EASY

    Confer uses a lightweight, host-based sensor for Windows, Android and Mac-based systems that installs in less than a minute. The service is completely managed from the cloud.

    Confer doesn’t just report on what it sees, it prevents the attack. When Confer detects a compromise, the sensor can choose to block that process or block access to the network, so your data stays put.

    Instead of relying on signatures, Confer collects and analyzes TTPs. Confer shows you what data the actor is after; where, when and how the machine was compromised; and any business impact.

    Confer users opt in to share threat data with the company. No matter who owns the device or where it is, your data is secured.

    Confer is built using STIX and TAXII - open standards for threat-based collaboration, a U.S. Department of Homeland Security-led effort supported by The MITRE Corporation.


Confer protects your servers, laptops and mobile devices from advanced cyberthreats.